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Keselarasan Strategi Perguruan Tinggi


Evaluasi Model Keselarasan Strategi Perguruan Tinggi

Evaluation model of college alignment strategy
aims to confirm the presence of the construct and the resulting
relationships among constructs in the research. The evaluation
method used is a survey method. The survey was conducted to
obtain primary data in the form of individual opinion on each
construct in the model. The individual opinions obtained
through the items question questionnaires distributed to the
respondents in a particular environment that are relevant to
higher education strategy alignment models. The research
instrument used was a questionnaire. A questionnaire was used
to obtain the data that is observed variables. The questionnaire
consisted of items that describe each construct questions. Item-item questionnaire used was built themselves based constructs
a model. Questionnaires distributed consisting of 38 variables
observed or questions. The questionnaire is a research
instrument to gather information directly. Information
obtained from the questionnaire should be tested for validity
and reliability that can be used in research. Evaluation of the
model is done to prove and strengthen the hypothesis
generated in research. There are two hypotheses were
conducted with several models of testing the hypothesis that
major hypothesis testing, testing the hypothesis of partial and
minor hypothesis testing. Model alignment of college evaluated
based on data obtained through the survey. The survey was
conducted by distributing questionnaires at several colleges in
the city Bandung. The data collected from the survey results
analyzed using SPSS version 22, so it was concluded
evaluation. The results of the model evaluation alignment of
the college can be proved statistically that IT strategy
alignment supporting factors affecting college information
technology transformation of 50.3%. Transformation of
information technology college that can do improve the ability
of college to compete with the value of the effect of 43.3%.
From this study it was concluded that the use of information
technology in improving the ability of college to compete in the
city is still not optimal, it is known from the results of the
evaluation influence the value below 50%.


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